Carmeq Intranet

In January 2016 the intranet of the company got a new face. The stricly defined frame was a real challenge but the result is something to be proud of. 

The Intranet is not only looking good but but also very functional in its handling.

All contents moved to a new Confluence-Platform – better structured and with a great search function. In addition to that ist also has an integrated encyclopaedia.

Carmeq Meilenstein

The look of the old staff-magazine is revised by us with lots of attention to the detail in 2014.

High-Quality and cautiousness are the most important aspects for the client as much as our team.During the revision things like details in typography and the unification of the info graphics came to the fore primarily. Sometimes, less is more.

Carmeq Lightbox

Since 2014 Carmeq greets his customers and staff with a seasonal changing light box motive at the entrance area. 

Every motive narrates its own story about the company. The visual strength lies in the simplicity of the proposition. For the employees there are also adapted version for their desktop- and phone-backgrounds. 



Carmeq Fair Booth

In October 2015 Carmeq represents itself together with E4T at the ELIV Baden-Baden with a custom made booth. 

Both the look and the smart pile- and stick-system of the tables, counters and stand-up-displays are develoed by us.